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Dec 09

To Allow Comments, Or Not To Allow Comments

Out of curiosity I ask you: If I were to start posting installments of the aforementioned story project to an appropriate website, should I or shouldn’t I turn on comments for those installments? On one manipulatory appendage, comments are a great way to gauge appreciation and interest as well as to directly interact with the …

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Jul 31

Gundam Winging It


Oh hey, look at what I assembled over the weekend. Such a fierce little dude, isn’t he?

Jul 27

Not-So-Giant Robots


So, in order to give myself something to do (possibly even accomplish) I have begun assembling one of the models I bought … oh, late last year? Ahem. Yes, that’s a little Wing Gundam. And it doesn’t require glue, which was a pleasant surprise I don’t mind admitting. Hopefully I’ll have a finished robot to …

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Jul 10

All The Ducks

This is the sort of thing I get up to when a silly joke idea gets stuck in my head and won’t go away. And there you go. Never let it be said I let the opportunity to jump in on a meme bandwagon go by unchallenged.

Apr 09

This is what happens when I have this kind of toy.


See, the moment I realized that I have two devices with front-facing cameras you just know what came next… This is the sort of thing which guarantees that I will never be one of the cool kids. Oh well.

Mar 15

MediaMonkey (x 2) + QNAP = Fun

I know, that’s not a mathematically correct subject line. I apologize right up front for this. The last “big purchase” for my tax money was a QNAP 219p II 2-bay NAS device to replace the aging, slow, finicky Western Digital single-drive NAS. To feed the QNAP I picked up a pair of 3-terabyte Seagate drives. …

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