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Feb 11

Migratory Fowl

It’s been a bit quiet here because this month I’ve started on a long-overdue project: Migrating the webserver to a… new webserver. I’ll try to sum up. The current webserver, aka Node1, is a legacy Linode system. It’s a 6GB virtual Linux server of a configuration they don’t even offer anymore, and it started life …

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Jan 18

It’s probably a bad idea

I just had a terrible idea. I’m not even sure I can put together the elements I need in order to even attempt pulling it off. But the idea delights me so much that I’m going to damned well try to. And I think I won’t buy yet another domain name or build a whole …

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Jan 12

The Riveting Adventure Of The Grey Quaggan


Kyla loves the Guild Wars 2 MMO game. I mean, I like it too, but she likes and plays the game far, far more than I do. Which is fine, it’s good to have something fun to do. In the game, one of the fantastical races are called Quaggans. They’re sort of little aquatic blobs …

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Dec 26

The Linkage Awakens

Kylanath and I went to see that new War In The Stars movie thing. In a theater, no less. My spoiler-free reaction? I liked “The Force Awakens”, mainly due to how incredibly fun and engaging the new characters are. Also, it’s occasionally an incredibly pretty film, what with the panoramic backgrounds full of crashed Imperial …

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Dec 20

Goodbye Gallery, Hello… Piwigo?

Since the Menalto Gallery project seems to have shut down some time back in 2014, I have switched to… Piwigo. The bulk import went well enough, though this does mean that links in old posts here are going to be horribly broken. Link rot. It happens to the best of us, and also me. Check …

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Dec 19

It’s Almost Like I Know What I’m Doing

I just completed an important and long-neglected task: The backups for my webserver have been reinvented and improved. This isn’t to say I haven’t been making backups previously, mind you! I had a (somewhat) cumbersome system of weekly tarballs and nightly rsync-over-ssh jobs going on. It was a bit I/O intensive, though. The opposite of …

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