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May 02

Rate Your Music

Recently, Kyla and I started entering our libraries of books into Goodreads. After a few days of that, I started wondering if there was something along those lines but for music. And this right here is where that train of thought led me. What you see there, as of this writing, is the result of …

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Apr 15

The Finished Product


It was pointed out (rightly) that I left off an important part of the build presentation: a picture of the completed model. Allow me to remedy that! All things considered, it’s a neat little model. Not sure if I want to do another build like this one any time soon, though…

Apr 12

Idle Hands, In Time Lapse

Ingredients: One (1) box containing many small plastic parts, some stickers, and instructions for assembling said parts into a model car. One (1) tablet with a copy of Lapse It Pro installed. One (1) tray table with lip to prevent plastic parts from sliding off onto the floor. Two (2) hands with which to assemble …

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Apr 02

Starred Due Valley


Having wandered away from Guild Wars 2 lately, I dabbled with Diablo III for a while until someone sent me a gift on Steam: Stardew Valley. You may have heard of it. It’s really working for me. I can farm crops, I can raise animals, I can craft things, I can arrange my domain how …

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Mar 24

4200 minus 2700 equals Headache


For most of the calendar year so far we at work have been plowing through a massive reorganization, upgrade, and consolidation of our servers. One of the last stages of this consolidation & upgrade process involved upgrading our Kaseya environment. During the shuffle I found some quirks. For instance, the UserProfiles directory contains roughly 4200 …

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Feb 27

End of an Era

Farewell, Node1 server. Long live Node2. Email has been on Google Apps for a couple weeks now with no problems, websites are all migrated to the new box, and nothing remains of any use on the old system. So, I just turned off and removed the Linode VM of the old server. Had to do …

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