Cast of Characters

“Who are these people GreyDuck writes about, anyway?” If you haven’t asked yet, either you already know me rather well or you’ll be asking the question eventually. In an effort to avoid real work answer this question, I present the following for your edification:

Alex (aka “Spud”) & Erica: My rugrats. I’m immensely proud of them both and always enjoy their company, even if they are snarky teenagers now.

Kylanath: The Primary Girlfriend, fellow otaku & gamer (the couple that geeks out together, stays together?), excellent cook (she keeps threatening to teach me how it’s done), addicted to purple, overall delightfully snarky wench, currently living a whole five blocks away from my humble abode.

Lilith: The Other Girlfriend, another delightfully wicked Gemini chick, also addicted to purple (no, I don’t know how I ended up with a matched set of purple-obsessed Gemini chicks, I really don’t), She With Whom I’m Not Allowed To Shop Unchaperoned (but we do anyway, nyah nyah), devoted to her beloved Geoffrey (himself a totally hoopy frood) and her demonspawn, Angst & Anxiety.

Mari: Well-loved friend and confidant. Outside of people I’m directly related to, she’s been in my life the longest. Best road-rage ever, even after she lost most of her voice. Now married to Doug, a generally soft-spoken but wickedly funny guy. They deny they’re a “perfect couple” but they’ll do until the real thing shows up.

GreyDuck: That’s me. This should be obvious, but what the hey. I’m the guy what runs this joint. I’m a father, hostmaster, webmaster, computer guru, dilettante, gamer, otaku and probably a few other nouns besides.

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