So just what is this all about? Rest a while, little duckling, and I shall attempt an explanation. You see, in early March of the year 1972, a child was born in Ketchikan, Alaska by name of Karel Peter Kerezman…

Okay, maybe that’s too far back. In my teens, I picked up the annoying habit of abusing catch-phrases. One in particular would haunt me to this day: “Not this little grey duck!” I said it often enough that eventually my family and friends took to calling me “Duckie.” Naturally, I stopped saying that phrase soon afterward. (Never underestimate a teenager’s sense of offended dignity.) I simply moved on to another annoying phrase which has escaped my memory, as has the source of the “little grey duck” line.

Fast-forward a few years to the dawning of the Internet Age. I used to use “Rael” as my nickname on various BBS and electronic chat systems, but there turned out to be too many Genesis fans in the world for me to successfully transfer that moniker to the larger venue. After burning through a few other short-lived options, it occurred to me that the “little grey duck” thing could be useful. Thus was the GreyDuck nickname born.

I’ll take a moment here to point out that, yes, grey is a name while gray is a color. By all rights it should be GrayDuck, but that just looks wrong somehow. Aesthetics wins out over correctness once again. Nyah. (Besides, it turns out there’s already a GrayDuck online. Who knew?)

My web publishing experience began with the maintenance of the KGON website, for which I served as its second webmaster. It was learn-as-you go, and while I did make the usual mess of things that all beginners do, I’ve always been rather proud of my work on that site. Efforts to create a personal homepage that failed to suck were, sadly, in vain. I still have the files from my last Europa page kicking around somewhere. No, you can’t see them.

It wasn’t all about the geek stuff, though. In the natural course of events, I met a girl, fell in love, got married and started raising children. The poor, unfortunate girl was named Wendilynn Bailey. The children were named Alexander and Erica. They still are, now that I think about it.

Wendi and I were married for about a dozen years. I won’t pretend that I was a saint, but I wasn’t a horrible person either. About five years in, I finally started growing up. Unfortunately things worked out, eventually, that I grew up different from the way she would have preferred… so we finally had to split up. (The specific problems and reasons and results are beyond the scope of this document, and of course remain in dispute depending on who you ask.) That said, we manage to cooperate on parenting our two awesome rugrats. I visit them a couple of times a week, and I’m always amazed at how interesting they’ve become as individuals. I credit fatherhood for much of the progress I’ve made toward becoming a better human being.

I lost my radio job in March of 2006. It took until early July for me to land another gig; I now work for Resource One, an IT support & solutions company located in Hillsboro. My job is twofold. I’m the helpdesk, which means our clients will probably deal with me before talking to one of the advanced technicians. I’m also the guy who (increasingly) runs the “managed services” system, which means I have all kinds of information and control over some of our clients’ networks. I love that side of the job, and I figure the “helpdesk” side is just a matter of paying my dues. We’ll see how it goes, though.

In my off hours I tend to read, play computer games, watch movies or television, view anime and related material and listen to music. I’m always on the look-out for a good fantasy/sci-fi writer, a neat shooter or RPG on the PC, a cool genre (sf/fantasy/action) show or an interesting new musical act. These are my core addictions, and I feed them regularly in an eternal cycle. I won’t bore you with lists of lists; if you really want to know, feel free to ask.

I live with a roommate (and his teenaged son) and am trying to strengthen my relationships and actively continue learning from the (many) mistakes I made during (and after) my marriage.

Hopefully that covers most of the important questions a stranger might ask. This document will probably be edited and amended from time to time, but the main points are all here so it’s not as though you’re under some sort of obligation ever to read this page again. I’d rather have you digging around in the rest of the site anyway. Thank you for taking the time!